Our Team

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Megan Talarico

Hotel GM

Megan is the General Hotel of both Heritage Gateway Hotel and Countrytime Hotel. Megan moved to Omarama 20 years ago and she has been with the company since then. Megan loved country life.

Jeanette Roberson

Hotel Manager

Jeanetter is the Hotel manager of MacKenzie Country Hotel. She is a local in Twizel. Jeanette has also been working for the company for a very long time. 

Mika Bertolli

Hotel GM

Mika is the Manager of the Godley Hotel. She is from Brazil and she loves parties and concerts. She is the manager of the new generation that brings coolness and fun to the team

Katerina Riedel

Operations Manager

Kat is the Operations Manager of the Godley Hotel. Kat is from Germany. She started as a seasonal worker in our hotels but she loves Tekapo so she came back from Germany and join the team.

Angie Lee

Company Consultant

Angie is based in the Christchurch and work-from-home. She is an adventurer and love sports. She is also a little nerd and enjoys doing different projects. This website is designed and built by her.

Rebecca Allison


Rebecca is based in our Christchurch office. she has a cute little dog.

Anna McIlraith


Anna is also based in our Christchurch Office. She is the youngest in the team.

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